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Nutrition Program

By joining the HaitiOne nutrition program you become an active and integral part of reaching every man, woman, and child in Haiti for Christ. We understand nutrition plays a huge role in providing a tangible experience of God’s love for us. We will work with your organization in providing the appropriate number of nutritious meals provided by our source partners, including what we grow and harvest in Haiti. We will visit your location monthly and help provide proper oversight and encouragement. After our initial visit, we can work out delivery to your location or you can pick up food at our warehouse in Titanyen.

We our excited to see Life Transformation for every man, woman, and child in Haiti.

Men anpil chay pa lou.
Many hands make the load lighter.

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Please Note: There is currently a waiting list but we work with each organization on the waiting list to find a nutrition solution.

You must be a registered organization in the haitione network to apply to the nutrition program.