“The name of the curriculum is “ I can…” In Haiti many people shrug their shoulders and say, “Mwen pa kapab” (I cannot). We want to change this mindset to the truth that in Jesus Christ I can do all things… I can (Mwen kapab) learn to read, write, do math, etc.  I can become a child of God who can change my community because I have truth and light!” 
- Joan Martineau

“The mainstream critique of Haitian education is often repeated: authoritarian, teacher-centered classrooms, long on rote and short on critical thinking, dominated by harsh discipline that creates a passive mentality unaccustomed to debate, civil discourse, and democratic process.  Classrooms where the whip is as important as the chalkboard.  Classrooms where children’s humiliation by teachers is an ordinary event.”
-  Diane M. Hoffman, Ph.D. 

Mwen Kapab is completely different!  

It’s a Christ centered Curriculum creating a Christian Worldview where students are engaged, creativity is praised, and critical thinking is elevated and rewarded.  Students are left knowing their ABC’s and Christ in me.  They learn that in Christ I can do all things.  Mwen Kapab!

Simply put: Mwen Kapab is taking education to school!




  • Teacher's Guide
  • Preschool Teacher's Resource Books 
  • Classroom Calendar
  • Teacher Training Conference


  • Student Books
  • Exams (Varies by Grade)
  • Student Supplies (Varies by Grade)

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Take a moment to watch this short video from the visionary behind this curriculum - Joan Martineau